Bluewater Anglers Family Week Derby

Family Week : July 1-9, 2017

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2017 Family Fishing Derby

BWA Family Fun Day Derby Update!
Yesterday turned out to be a great day for our annual family day derby both in terms of the participation and the weather.

There were 60 families that registered comprising of 105 children and 81 adults.
828 gobies were caught in just 3 hours!

Largest Fish Honours went to,

1) Benjamine Borne - 74cm Pike,
2) Cameron Latta - 65cm Rainbow
3) ?.... Mc Kay family - 56cm Pike.
If anyone can help me out with the first name of the McKay boy that entered the Pike it would be greatly appreciated.

Top Three Family Prizes went to,

1) Ferguson family - 158 Gobies
2) Lamont family - 83 Gobies
3) Barclay family - 73 Gobies

I would also like to give a special thanks to,

Eric's Pro Tackle & Bait in Wallaceburg for supplying all of the worms.
Ice Cream Galore in Point Edward for supplying some of the prizes,
Linda Miller From Re/Max Sarnia Realty Inc. for supplying some of the lures found in the prize bags.

To all of the families that came out I wold like to say Thank You! I hope everyone enjoyed the day.

To the Bluewater Angler volunteers that came out in full support I want to say Thank You!

I look forward to seeing everyone at next year's Family Fun Derby!



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