Bluewater Anglers Summer Walleye Derby
August 6/7 2021

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2021 Walleye Derby



6:00 PM August 6, 2021 to 9:30 AM August 7, 2021

Any person is eligible to enter the Walleye Derby provided they have a valid fishing license and have purchased a $10.00 entry ticket. This is a BOAT and SHORE event. If fishing in a group, everybody in the group must have a ticket. Tickets are available at Bucks Baits and The Outdoorsman until 4:30 PM on Friday, August 6th. Any money raised will go to support the Bluewater Anglers.

Start time is 6:00 PM Friday, August 6, 2020. Weigh-in will be at the Hatchery from 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM on Saturday, August 7th. You MUST be in line by 9:30 AM to have your entries qualify. This is a single fish event ... you can only weigh in one (your largest) walleye. The Bluewater Anglers Salmon Derby boundaries apply: in the St. Clair River, South to the South end of Fawn Island; in Lake Huron, North to latitude 43’20” (from the water treatment plant at Grand Bend, West to North of trailer park North of Lexington, Michigan).

Prizes will be awarded for the 10 heaviest walleye.

1st $500.00 6th $25.00

2nd $250.00 7th $25.00

3rd $125.00 8th $25.00

4th $100.00 9th $25.00

5th $50.00 10th $25.00

PLUS ... $100.00 for the biggest fish (by weight) entered by a Bluewater Angler member.

Winners will be announced immediately after completion of the weigh-in. There will be a minimum of 5 draw prizes with winners drawn from all Walleye Derby entrants present. You must be present to win a draw prize. Come out and participate in the event.

Special thanks again to the


Progressively Independent Since 1878

for their generous donation of the $500 first place prize.






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