Membership Information

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Please complete this form and mail it with your cheque or money order to:

BLUEWATER ANGLERS, c/o Membership Chairman, P.O. Box #174, Sarnia, Ontario, N7T 7H9


Bring it in to The Outdoorsman, Mitton Street, Sarnia


Bluewater Anglers Enhanced Event Payout

for Inhouse Events

Reasons for getting a Membership in the Bluewater Anglers just got better!!!!


This pertains to inhouse events only - - excludes the Salmon Derby and the Family Fun(Gobi) Derby.

 When a CLUB MEMBER enters in an inhouse event regardless of what position he/she ends up in and they have the heaviest fish entered by a member…it is now worth $100.00.
When participating in total weight events, The CLUB MEMBER with the heaviest total weight wins the extra $100.00.

If they are lucky enough to finish within the top paying spots…the rule still applies…again if they are the CLUB MEMBER with the heaviest weight for the event entered..they get the bonus $100.00.

What happens if there are payouts for more than one category ie heaviest trout and heaviest salmon?
So if a Brown Trout weighed in by a CLUB MEMBER is heavier than the Salmon that took 1rst place weighed in by a non-member…the CLUB MEMBER with the Brown gets the $100.00.